Latinx Pride

Pride month has become capitalized by major corporations in the past years and is continuing to grow. Unfortunately these corporations are the same ones handing our money to politicians, law makers, judges etc., that set back the LGBTQI+ community.

Pride should be celebrated and accounted for, its an important part of humanity and will eventually lead us to a respectful blend of communities. Here are some facts I found just shocking: 

-only 29 out of 195 countries allow Same Sex Marriage (15% of the world)

-69 countries have laws that criminalize homosexuality

-LGBTQI+ individuals are 5x more likely to attempt suicide by age 25

-Transgender individuals have a life expectancy of 30-35 and Lower for trans of color.

These stats hurt. They make our blood boil and our hearts heavy. Stats like these are the reason we need to speak up on human rights and keep up the fight.

We are Toros Los Angeles, a Latinx company. We are a small artisan run business but we hope to grow and be transparent, diverse, and justly. Since 2018 we have been Proudly supporting our customers and waving our Flags right along side yours. We hope to cater to our community, build lasting relationships, and keep on fighting for all human rights. 

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