Building a Community

Toros began with a basic concept; we wanted to represent the artisans, sewers, cutters, laborers, screen printers, and all of the Latinx community that laboriously sums of the Los Angeles Fashion District.

As the most affected community in this industry in the West Coast we started to build a dream that would allow us to no only flourish and create beautiful products, but also begin to plan a future where we can build a strong community for hard working individuals who still love the craft and workmanship of Fashion. 

As the designer of Toros I had to create a brand that would identify myself and my own world. In my 9+ years of working in the industry I witnessed much injustice, much hardship, and many broken dreams from within the community. I saw the worry in peoples eyes when there was a lack of work, a lack of money, and a lack of trust with many of the companies that were "providing" to keep the industry alive.

The hardest part was seeing into the eyes of these innocent human beings, and seeing faces that resembled my parents, my aunts, my family, and myself. I couldn't contribute to this injustice. I couldn't do it and pretend I was not aware. There are countless working hands out in our back yard, we take them for granted and feel they can be replaced for a cheaper cost.

It takes so much love for what you do, to make something like a flat piece of fabric come to life. The artisans that have stuck around Los Angeles whole heartedly are passionate for their work and we can not bloom without them.

So as for our brand we're setting forth a unique venture. By producing only in Los Angeles, we will build a community where these hardworking individuals can thrive. We will produce slow, sometimes not in season, sometimes in small batches, but our work will be ethical, beautiful, and made by hardworking hands that will give life and love to what you wear. xo Fonz Designer-Toros Los Angeles

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