Body Positive

It's sad to see how the world (especially social media) still glorifies a thin-fair-skinned person. Beauty is subjective and vulnerable young minds take the hardest hit when they don't see self representation in media. It took me long to realize that what I saw on tv, ads, magazines etc.. wasn't real. It took lots of work to see that my brown skinned plus size body wasn't abnormal, that I was just a human being... and it's something I still struggle with to the day.

Working in the fashion industry I was an eye witness for model bookings and saw how many were in fact just imperfect humans and sometimes unhealthy. With tools like photoshop, makeup, and lighting, these models were a mirage of "perfection" and gave me the understanding they were nothing to strive to be. Unfortunately people put themselves to extremes for an opportunity to possible be photographed or popular. 

I made a mental note; when I start my brands I would make sure to be as inclusive as possible. I made a promise to myself to feature all skin type models in various sizes and with various talents. I want to represent humanity and leave a foot print of truth. As we continue to grow as a brand I hope we get the opportunity to have more model shoots and connect to an audience that can relate to us. 

The industry is improving, we've seen it flourish to attempt and cater to a broader audience. There is still work to be done and I hope in our lifetime we get to see a real turn around. 

Social Proof